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Golden Milk: The superstar of wellness

Golden milk is a delicious healing drink made with anti-inflammatory turmeric and other warming spices.

What Are The Origins of Golden Milk?

This holistic drink was created in India thousands of years ago. In Ayurveda, there’s something that’s recommended for all body types (or doshas): golden milk. It’s soothing and healing for all. It supports the body’s natural response to inflammation.

Is This Drink Good For You?

Golden milk comes with so many health benefits, it’s a great drink to include in your diet and daily routine! Golden milk can…

  • builds immunity

  • supports the liver

  • helps treat colds and coughs

  • supports digestion

  • purifies the blood

  • supports your treatment of autoimmune disease

Is Golden Milk Good For Sleep?

Golden milk is a great drink to have before bedtime. The turmeric eases your digestive system and detoxifies the liver, which helps you get to sleep quicker. You will sleep better and wake feeling refreshed. If you have trouble shutting off and sleeping at night, I highly recommend you try a mug of this before bedtime.

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