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I am the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. Early in life I learned the importance of a hard day’s work and the power of dreaming big. I grew up with a fierce streak of determination and curiosity that serves me still today. At 5 years old, I was sent to school only speaking Spanish and excelled. As a teenager, I found relief from my days through running which granted me a sense of belonging socially outside of my traditional home.


I sought higher education and found myself a graduate, in the corporate world, and traveling the world. Standing at the Taj Mahal for the first-time, faith and fate collided, and I began to seek purpose to serve in that moment. In service to myself, I began to run once again for my health and towards a new goal to serve others.


Life cycled again, and I was back into my old routine, not caring for myself and full of worry and stress. This time it took a physical toll on my whole being, and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. With the diagnosis, I began to research and rediscovered the belief that healing comes from within. There is balance to be found in diet, fitness and the spiritual. This was the birth of MAAT. I had found my balance, and my purpose was once again staring back at me: To care for myself so that I may care for others, my sons and community through MAAT. We are all on personal journey's of health and happiness, and even the smallest steps can lead us to balance.


Today, I am living my authentic self and have found a new balance with MAAT Living. Let me walk with you on your journey to balance.

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