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Our Mission To Give Back…


The philosophy that guides our brand is finding balance in one’s life, balance in mind, body, and spirit. MAAT Living believes in the power to heal naturally. This belief extends beyond simply healing in a physical sense through nutrition and exercise, it also includes healing mentally and emotionally from traumas in your life that have fractured your spirit. Sometimes it becomes necessary to find help in healing from resources outside of yourself. There are some traumas and wrongs that we cannot heal on our own. Part of our balance as a brand is to support and promote groups, foundations, and charities that assist in the health and mental wellness of those in need. This is why every month we will donate a portion of our sales to a different charity that aligns with our convictions at MAAT.


As a community we share a collective energy, we rise and fall together. Each month we will donating to a charity focused on helping our collective energy positively grow through health and mental wellness.


This month we will be giving 5% of all sales to the American Thyroid Association in an effort to help further research, and bring awareness to alternative treatments.

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